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Record, edit and output audio and video files from any application. Preset capture or live record (on a timeline), record from any input and output to the most popular media formats.FEATURES:Capture and record audio from any applicationCapture and record video from any applicationEdit and process audio and video (Playback files, add audio tracks or drop song/picture from video)Record with presets, users and favorites, add text captions and logosSave configurations to profiles, apply presets on multiple filesEdit and process videos (Cut, copy, paste, trim, apply fades, split, combine, add audio tracks or drop song/picture from video)Export files in MP3, WAV, 3GP, MP4, FLAC, FLVGenerate playlists (Playlist manager), use drag and drop to add media filesMonitor live and real time preview on the timelineGenerate thumbnails from files (only from PNG and JPG)Usability:Black and white buttonsFixed filter: Black & White, Auto, Low Contrast, High Contrast, Linear, SaturateColor filter: Black and White, Auto, High Contrast, Linear, SaturateEasy to use timeline with buttons and sliderAudio/Video preview with real time updatingTwo types of preview: color and black and whiteCapturing and recording mode:Record: Record audio and video (Record on a timeline)Live record: Record live (on a timeline)Capturing: Record only audio/video (Record to a file)Playback mode:Playback: Redirected mode, Main view with the ability to play a preview file or the recording itselfLive/Video/Audio view with the ability to play a preview file or the recording itselfWhen you record and then playback, you can see the raw media file or a video file with the audio file so you know the signal is passed correctly.Timeline, Choose a recording modeThere are three options available when recording a file:Capture and record audio and video:Record and capture from the application you are usingRecord live on a timelineCapture from a filePlayback and record video:Record from a filePlay the file on the timelinePlayback only:Record from a filePlay the file on the timelineRecord and playback is useful if you want to record on a timetable from a video file, then make adjustments to the 08929e5ed8

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